Thirty in 30

I hate listicles too but this is the shit I’ve learned.

  1. Sleep on it.
  2. My parents are incredible people. Therefore - I don’t expect them to be incredible parents.
  3. No matter how much milk you put in black tea, it’s still blak tea.
  4. Movement is CHURCH.
  5. You don’t have to know why it doesn’t work or why you don’t want it, only that it doesn’t and you don’t.
  6. Ask yourself often, will this matter in a year?
  7. Find your circus and find your monkeys. Play.
  8. You can have been with all the wrong people and that’s okay.
  9. Sometimes you have to go missing.
  10. Be a bloody rebellion. Be a dichotomy. Be a contradiction! Walk forward in your space and own your own agency. This is why you have a voice.
  11. For all the voices that can’t speak — use yours.
  12. Creativity is an endangered bee, you have to plant the flowers it likes, and it will come. It always does.
  13. Being funny and being kind are two things that need to happen simultaneously otherwise you are just being an asshole.
  14. There are no jeans in this world that fit my shape and that’s okay, even somewhat delightful.
  15. Baby raisers and farmers are perhaps the two most important jobs in the world.
  16. Insomnia is the worst bed friend — Get support early.
  17. It’s all about wanting everything and nothing and knowing you’d be happy with both, whichever way it all went. It’s surviving everything and knowing you’re better for it. THIS IS HOW YOU SMILE.
  18. Love, death, life and sex are all the same thing — surrender.
  19. Always pack an extra jumper. Even if it’s not for you.
  20. Walk away when love is no longer present. You do not have to stay and listen past the point of losing respect. Leave the table.
  21. Never.Settle.For.Beige.
  22. Brush your fucking teeth…Yes — even on the nights you sleep in the van.
  23. Sometimes, loving someone is staying gone.
  24. Ruin is a gift. Turning to mush is an alchemy worth it.
  25. Probably, your body looks more beautiful when naked without clothes. It absolutely does.
  26. Recycling is not an excuse for consumption. When we feel a connection to something (guniimaa, earth, animal family, our ‘selves’) it is no longer within integrity to aid in destroying it. Find that connection or find someone to show you the way home.
  27. A big part of growing up is not believing all the things people say about us.
  28. Love is not a spreadsheet.
  29. Try not to be so shy.
  30. I may not get to see all the things I want to see in this life and that’s okay.





I put forward my deepest respect and acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners of the land, waters and sky that I live and write upon, The Gubbi Gubbi and Jinibara original caretakers and ancestral beings. And my humble respects to the Traditional Owners and ancestors who look over the lands of where you’re reading this from. I also pay my respects to your ancestors.

I acknowledge that for Indigenous people worldwide, sovereignty was never ceded.




These are my soft meanderings. Thank you for being here with me.

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Haiku Dancer

Haiku Dancer

These are my soft meanderings. Thank you for being here with me.

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